NewLAWTechnologies, a Legal IT company dedicated to transforming the legal industry, is developing an operating platform for law firms interested in new thinking and development of newlawfirms.

NewLAW/OS is an operating system that integrates the most essential legal applications to reduce overhead, increase efficiencies, and expedite workflows. AI-enabled and blockchain-ready, NewLAW/OS powers today’s newlaw firms to take advantage of the technology revolution that is redefining the legal field. This end to end and cloud-based platform responds to the critical challenge law firms face to reclaim profitability and arrest declining market share.

Legal service buyers are demanding lower fees, greater flexibility and new value which current law firm models cannot provide.  In 2016 alone, clients moved 4 Billion dollars from traditional law firms to other providers to accomplish their objectives for cost reduction, efficiency, and transparency. The NewLAW/OS platform unlocks unprecedented business value for law firms with the flexibility to deliver upon the client’s present and changing needs.


The Need

There is no doubt that this industry has a pent up demand for change, innovation and new models. Research abounds with data and trends supporting the unfulfilled needs in the industry.  To support this need, new legal services models are emerging.

Supported by legal IT, new value is being created through change. Modern thinkers are willing to make the needed changes. These firms/entities and attorneys are beginning to use models that are called newlaw models and clients are seeking newlaw models to fulfill the needs traditional law firm are unable to meet.

The Solution

The NewLAWTechnologies platform, NewLAW/OS, will cut costs, unlock revenues and increase the quality and value of services delivered to clients.  

This cloud-based technology essentially connects the unconnected - people, processes and data - to drive new legal service delivery and value.

By focusing on delivering value rather than managing technology, success can be measured by client results.

How it works

  • Provides law firms a fully integrated solution to more effectively respond to client demands and protect market share.

  • Enables new value and new profits to be realized by law firms through the integrated workflow platform.

  • Integrates existing legal applications to reduce law firm cost, protects investments made in technology and training, and enhances productivity.

  • Is the first end-to-end application-based solution of this nature designed to integrate law firms into newlaw.

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Below is a flow chart of the NewLAW/OS architecture.  Please click on the link below to listen to a brief explanation of this architecture by Vincent Serpico, the Founder and President of the development company building NewLAW/OS.